Crafting Japan CROSSOVER





今回舞台となった愛宕神社は東京のど真ん中にあり木々が豊かで生命感あふれる都市のオアシスでありながら、厳かな空気が流れるとても神秘的な場所。 covid-19の影響で世界が立ち止まり、これから先の新しいライフスタイルを再構築するタイミングで今一度、日本のクリエーションを基軸とした新しい価値の創造をテクノロジーと融合させることで実現させる試みとなります。 アーティストには、50年に1人の逸材と言われる和太鼓奏者 山部泰嗣氏。 “いのり”の舞と”いのち”の踊、ジャンルや枠にとらわれない体をいかしたダイナミックな踊によって独自の表現を発信し続けている舞踏家ATSUSHI氏。生命感あふれるライブパフォーマンスより日本の美しい草木を新しい感覚で表現する萩原亮大氏。バークリー音楽院の音楽療法科、およびElectronic Production&Design科を首席で卒業し、音楽活動を中心にマルチに活躍するSakura Tsuruta氏 の4名を迎え”祈り”をテーマにしたパフォーマンスを奉納 。 今回の映像作品はcovid-19の影響で亡くなられた方々、それによって傷つき疲弊した多くの人達の心が少しでも癒やされ、いち早い回復へむけての小さな後押しになることを心から願い届けたいという想いで制作いたしました。

—– Crafting Japan CROSSOVER 2021 Stage At Atago Jinja ​​Atago Jinja, located in the heart of Tokyo, is a shrine rich in greenery and has a serene yet mystical atmosphere. Acting as the oasis ​​of the city, it enshrines the God of fire prevention, who has been protecting the city since the Edo period. Here, performance “CROSSOVER 2021 Stage” took place, dedicated to the God in hopes for an early end to the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide.  —————————————————————————– Too many people have passed away due to the disease, leaving many more hurt and exhausted. With “INORI -Prayer-” as the main theme of the performance, it is a message of healing and hope towards the world, praying that the ones in despair find peace within and strength to overcome. The performance combines four aspects of Japanese culture; “KO -Drums-”, “MAI -Dance-”, “HANA -Flower arrangement-” and “OTO -Sound-”. Each is represented by one of Japan’s leading artists in that field, with “KO -Drums-” represented by Japanese Drum player Taishi Yamabe, who is said to be a talent found once in fifty years. Dancer ATSUSHI, who represents “MAI -Dance-”, is a genre of his own, expressing ‘prayers’ and ‘life’ through his dynamic moves, while “HANA -Flower arrangement-” is represented by florist Ryota Hagiwara, who is known for bringing Japanese flowers to life in a new way through his energetic live performances. Representing “OTO -Sound-” is music producer Sakura Tsuruta, who graduated at the top of her class from Berklee College of Music in Music Therapy and Electronic Production and Design. ———————————————————————————————————– Artist Ryota Hagiwara Taishi Yamabe Atsushi Takahashi Sakura Tsuruta Executive producer :Shinichi Takahashi co-producer :Marc Stealth Video Director:Takeshi Nobematsu Camera:Toru Shiomi, Katsuhiko Miyata, Yuhei Saito Camera Assistant:Harumichi Kitaoka Sound Engineer:Hiroyasu Miyake, Mihi Morishima, Daisuke Imai Sound Mastering:Sakura Tsuruta Photo:Allan Williams Ceramic Artist:Ryotaro Kato    Shamisen:Sho Asano Makeup:Yuta Sato   Support staff:Atsuko Yagi   Fixer:Kazuya Nagae Video production:Moment Tokyo Ltd. Organizer:Crafting Japan Ltd. Planning and management:Crafting Japan Ltd. Supervision cooperation:&synergy Inc.(Dai Hasegawa) Cooperation:Atago-jinja Sponsorship:Real style / Takenaka Corporation / TOKYO TORANOMON TOKYU REI HOTEL / Ministry of Foreign Affairs / minato-ku Drone shooting:Hummingbird Co.,Ltd